Marketing Tool

More Engagement More Sales

Grow your online sales through marketing efforts that speak to your customers regularly.

Loyalty Program

Cultivate a long-term relationship with your customers through customized rewards

Gift Card

Drive short-term cash flow while increase revenue

Text and Email Marketing

Push your promotion digitally with the lowest cost

See How Much You Can Save by Switching to the Marketing Tool


6 cents per message


Printed flyer / menu

40 cents per message

Traditional printed menus or flyers is time-consuming for proofreading, corrections, and delivery. Also, you never know if your customers read those papers. With text and email, you can delivery your message in no time while track your readership.

How It Works

Create Content

Determine your loyalty program either by points or visits / Create physical or digital gift card > Redeem on your KwickMENU site or in store

Publish Your Content

Create coupons/news/alerts through marketing tools > use free template for customization > text or email to your customers or pop up announcement on your website

Keep your customers coming back with loyalty programs

Let your customers introduce you to others with Gift Cards

Engage your customers regularly

Customers prefer
Loyalty Program 83%
Billion value of gift cards sold per year

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