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Flexible Pricing Plans by Your Choice

Deposit $300 

(No contract, free refund and cancellation)

  • Free plan
  • Flat fee plan
  • Or 5% service fee of online orders
  • KwickPOS server
  • Order site
  • Free data transfer

$1 for the first 500 messages

  • 6 cents / message​
  • 4 cents / email​
  • Built-in templates​
  • Built-in templates​
  • Flexible plans​


  • Flat monthly fee​
  • Credit card linked program​
  • Rewards by visits​
  • Rewards by points​

Physical card starting at $180

  • Branded physical card
  • Flat monthly fee
  • Basic design
  • Custom design

Ready to Launch?

Ready to Launch?

Ready to Launch?

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